Additions & Alterations

CF Architects is contemporary architect studio which is based in Johannesburg (Bryanston), Gauteng. We focus on designing both contemporary and traditional residential spaces and the renovations of existing homes. With almost 10 years experience designing many homes, we have proven expertise in the addition and alterations field, sourcing most of our clients from word of mouth referrals.

If you would like to get in touch with us for any additions and alterations related project, please contact us.

Traditional Architecture

Classical Architecture is based on solid mathematical equations, producing perfection in architectural forms, with a key focus on symmetry, geometry and proportion.

Each Classical Architectural design had to comply with the three main rules: solidness, uselfulness and beauty. In modern times, these classical ideals have become the basis of traditional architecture and have even been reinterpreted in some contemporary ways. This has become known as Timeless Design.

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary Architecture can be described as a present-day building style, as it draws from many different styles of architecture including high-tech architecture and postmodernism.

Contemporary architecture by CF Architects is completed with sleek expressions of concrete, glass and steel, sometimes encompassing the whole design and building, resulting in a beautiful architectural expressions.

Estates & Developments

Garden Route & Eastern Cape:

  • Blues Bay HOA
  • Marina Martinique HOA
  • Jeffreys Bay Lifestyle Estate HOA
  • Rivertide Shareblock
  • Jeffreys Bay
  • St.Francis Bay
  • Port St.Francis
  • Mvubu River Reserve
  • Aston Bay
  • Gamtoos Mouth
  • Michael Hill Estate

Gauteng & Johannesburg North:

  • Blue Saddle Ranches
  • Eye of Africa Golf & Residential Estate
  • Midstream Estate HOA
  • Kyalami Terrace
  • Kyalami
  • Sandhurst Emperor Estate, Sandhurst

Corporate Clients: